Chep Pallets & Returns

Information concerning the collection, delivery and return of Chep Pallets

Deliveries made on Chep pallets should be clearly stated at the time of booking. It is essential that a Chep pallet note must be supplied along with your delivery notes. We will endeavour at all times, where applicable, to collect a Chep pallet in exchange and return it to you. We will not be responsible for the pallet(s) if we are unable to exchange at the point of delivery. In this instance, we may collect a PCV (Pallet Control Voucher) instead of the pallets. This will be returned to you and it is then the customer’s responsibility to collect the empty pallets. In some instances the consignee may not provide a PCV or return the pallets, should this situation arise, customer paperwork will be signed accordingly. Any pallet queries should be reported immediately to our Transport Manager at Breen Transport.

Other Equipment

Totes, Cages, Stillages, specialised equipment and other recyclable packaging materials can be collected from delivery points on request, at the time of booking. These items will be chargeable as per normal Pallet Freight.